Miłość. (r)ewolucja percepcji
Love. the (r)evolution of perception

The title came one day to me, a few years ago. Few months ago I participated in a photobook workshop. I was planning to materialize another idea (#heavenishere), but one day I just changed my mind and spontaneously, step by step this one began to unfold.
I wanted to share my experience of constant searching for love in every possible way - where it was impossible to find it. Until the change of perception happened and I realized the source of perception, the source of attention, the source of everything that can be perceived and experienced. When I perceive from this placeless place, there is no need for searching. This place is Love itself.
The book consists of three parts - the first one is about looking for love like a little child needs the parents love, like a little girl loves her daddy. Then she wants to find the same quality of love in every man, so she is playing, so she sells her body for crumbs of tenderness. She wants to find it in making art as well. Then she turns her attention towards spirituality, she is trying to be pure, to really find God, to deserve his love. So she is climbing this mountain very courageously. Then a series of disappointments allow her to recognize the truth. And from this place - space Life is unfolding naturally. And love can flow through her.
This is a story about changing the direction of perceiving, from towards Love to from Love.
It happened that the book begins with a picture of my father.
And during the workshops my healthy dad suddenly just died.
The book was created by itself. Life happens.
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